Heikki Merilainen

Heikki Meriläinen ( 21. The December 1847 Sotkamo – February 12, 1939 Paltamo ) was in Kainuu lived in the People’s writer and folklore collector.

Meriläinen’s parents had room man Mikko Meriläinen and Sanna Korhonen. He had to leave a strict religious home in the age of 24 due to disagreements and work after a blacksmith , a surveyor’s assistant, and small-scale farmers. He was, among other things, the poet Eino Leino’s father surveyor Anders Lönnbohm beating an assistant demarcation line between Finland and Russia Nurmes and Inari between.

Meriläinen’s wife’s home state, which Meriläinen took care of and where he had been a private primary school, was forced into bankruptcy and was sold. Meriläinen actually got to complain about prison law. In 1899, he moved out after acquiring the status of Sotkamo Päätalopolku called Paltamo. Later, he built and cleared Peltoniemi new state man into the Gulf of Oulu lake beach, where lived until his death.

After learning to write with his wife guidance Meriläinen began to gather and write down the Finnish Literature Society ‘s collections of folklore. He did this for trips to the club on a scholarship to Russian Karelia , Lapland and Ostrobothnia , starting in 1890. The Folklore Archives is 4 439 Meriläinen gathered by the text, the vast majority of spells and incantations. He is one of the most keränneitä Finnish.

Meriläinen’s spouse since 1872 was Anna Huotari (d. 1926 ) (Wikipedia).

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