Evelyn E. Smith

Evelyn E. Smith (25 July 1922 – 4 July 2000) was an American writer and crossword puzzle compiler. During the 1950s, she regularly published—under her real name—short stories and novelettes in magazines like Galaxy Science Fiction and Fantastic Universe. These range from post-apocalyptic satires, such as “The Last of the Spode” and “The Hardest Bargain,” to “BAXBR/DAXBR,” where she explores the dangers of Martian crossword puzzles. Smith also wrote four science fiction novels, which chiefly deal with questions of gender identity and, like all of her work, are characterized by their wit and humor. Today she is probably better known for writing the Miss Melville Mystery series, which chronicles the exploits of a middle-aged socialite-turned-assassin (Wikipedia).

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